We’re delighted to introduce our new name: 4me World

Although we’ve evolved our brand, our values remain the same. We’ll continue to focus on your wellbeing and what matters to you.

Recently, on our social media channels, we asked you what mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, and financial wellbeing mean to you. What helps your wellbeing in each of those areas, and if you had any hints or tips you could share.

We loved reading your replies and have featured a selection of them below:

Mental wellbeing

Nature can have a really positive effect on my mental health and hillwalking is amazing for my mental wellbeing.


My mental wellbeing is helped by finishing work on time and going for a run in the park, and being able to hug my wife and ask about her day.


The simple things are the best – fresh air, family and friends!


The power of crafting keeps me mentally well. Whether it’s stitching or knitting I’ve found creating helps me to unwind.


Physical wellbeing

Exercise helps bring routine to my day. #PEwithJoe and virtual evening classes at my local gym have really helped my physical wellbeing. And I’ve also rediscovered my passion for horse riding again!


I’ve recently taken up golf – the perfect socially distanced sport! It gets me out the house, gives me much needed exercise and it’s helping me gain confidence about being around other people during these uncertain times.


Financial wellbeing

I got in to debt buying non-essentials, so I’m now trying to use any spare cash for good. Financial wellbeing to me is keeping a handle on my spending and not buying any new clothes in 2020! I’m donating what I save in money and clothes I don’t wear to charity.


Financial wellbeing means doing what’s best for my family, they’re my no.1 priority.


If there are any wellbeing topics you’d like to see us cover on the website, or if there’s something you’d like to write about, then get in touch with us here.