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The unsustainable world of fast fashion

There’s something rather wonderful about a little shopping spree and a funky new wardrobe, especially as the seasons change and new outfits beckon! We can get our hands on the latest trends at a fraction of the catwalk price… but is this really a good thing? Well, it might be great for the fashion-conscious among […]

Learning new skills during lockdown

Lockdown life has impacted all of us. For some it’s been an incredibly difficult time. For others, lockdown has influenced daily life in some very interesting and unexpected ways. It’s been an opportune time to learn a new skill or do something meaningful and positive for our wellbeing that we haven’t tried before. If you’re […]

5 ways to boost your mood during lockdown

I think it’s fair to say that life’s a bit of a rollercoaster for many of us at the moment. Full of ups and downs and the accompanying highs and lows in our mood that come with navigating our way through the uncertainty of a global pandemic. Many of us are spending most of our […]

Finding a new ‘normal’

What a very surreal few days/weeks it’s been! Adapting to a new normal, with restricted movements and trying to ensure that we and our loved ones, and wider community, stay safe and well. We’re all learning quickly, finding what works for us, and how to stay sane and look after our wellbeing during this worrying […]